Order Success Page

Order Success Page

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Order Success Page extension empowers you to create a personalized Thank You Page tailored to your store. It offers a comprehensive order summary, transparent shipping information, and the ability to add custom text. Enhance the post-purchase experience and communicate professionally with your customers.

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Our Order Success Page extension is a dynamic tool that elevates the post-purchase experience. It allows you to customize your Thank You Page, creating a seamless extension of your store identity and improving communication with your customers.

Central to this extension is the provision of a comprehensive order summary. This summary details product names, quantities, prices, and the total order cost, ensuring customers have a clear understanding of their purchase. Additionally, the extension offers transparency regarding the selected shipping method, enhancing customer trust in the delivery process.

Simplifying the verification of billing address details, this extension enables customers to confirm their billing information effortlessly, reducing errors and ensuring data accuracy. What truly sets this extension apart is its remarkable customization feature. It permits the addition of custom text above and below order details, with control over font size and color. This empowers you to craft a unique message that resonates with your store identity, reinforcing professionalism and excellence.

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  1. What is the Magento 2 Order Success Page extension?
    The extension allows store owners to customize the Checkout Success Page (known as the Thank You Page) as they want, display order details, and style the success page with a thank you message, Shipping Information, widget, etc.
    By MageINIC On October 13, 23 11:42:31 AM
  2. Can customers view all the products they have ordered on the order success page?
    Absolutely! The Order Success Page extension offers a complete list of all the products that the customer has ordered. This information is conveniently displayed for easy reference.
    By MageINIC On October 13, 23 11:43:38 AM


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  • 1.0.0
    Initial first release 01.09.2023


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