FAQ List

  1. Can I add the banner to any places I want on my store site?
  2. How can I create Banner Slider Widget?
  3. In this extension used Slick JS?
  4. Does the Banner Slider extension support responsive design for mobile devices?
  5. Can I add links to the banners so that users can click on them to go to specific pages?
  6. Are there options to schedule when specific banners should be displayed or hidden?
  7. How can my customer submit a question?
  8. How can I organize my FAQs into categories or topics?
  9. What is the advantage of using an accordion-style layout for FAQs?
  10. Is there a way for users to navigate between different FAQ categories or topics?
  11. How can I restrict certain FAQs to be visible only to logged-in users?
  12. How does this extension enhance user personalization?
  13. What if I initially missed setting my profile pictures during registration?
  14. Can the store admin control the functionality of this extension?
  15. In which pages show Buy Now button?
  16. Can I enable disable button on particular page only.
  17. Is it possible to customize the label on the "Buy Now" button?
  18. What happens when a user clicks the "Buy Now" button?
  19. In which pages product image will flip?
  20. What types of flip effects are available with the Image Flipper extension?
  21. How do I configure the image flip effects with this extension?
  22. How does the Quick View functionality work?
  23. In which pages show a Quick View link?
  24. Can I add to cart product from the quick view popup.
  25. Can I set a custom link title?
  26. What file types are supported by this module?
  27. Is it work with a multi-store view?
  28. How Can Customers Access the Size Chart?
  29. Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Orders?
  30. Can I Select Multiple Orders for Deletion?
  31. How do I add translations for a new language?
  32. What if some text doesn't appear translatable?
  33. Is the progress show on all pages?
  34. Can we change the progress bar title?
  35. Should we set free shipping minimum order amount before this extension configure?
  36. Can have specific grid for giftcard product?
  37. Can we create gift card code without placing order?
  38. What is the Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Extension?
  39. Can I easily enable or disable the extension's functionality?
  40. Can I personalize the content of the popup?
  41. What is the Magento 2 Order Success Page extension?
  42. Can customers view all the products they have ordered on the order success page?
  43. What is the purpose of the Filter Product By Rating extension?
  44. How do users access the rating filters on the website?
  45. Can users apply multiple rating filters simultaneously?
  46. How does the rating filtering system work?
  47. What does the Magento 2 price per customer extension do?
  48. How can I make the Price Per Customer feature easily accessible on my website?
  49. Can I customise the title for the Price Per Customer link?
  50. How does the extension work for setting product prices customer-wise?
  51. What is the Magento 2 AI Content Generator?
  52. How does the AI Content Generator enhance product descriptions?
  53. Can the extension generate category overviews?
  54. What SEO benefits does the extension offer?
  55. How does the AI Content Generator handle data import?
  56. Does the extension guarantee consistent content quality?
  57. How can I experience the power of AI with this extension?