Shipping Progress Bar

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The Magento 2 Shipping Progress Bar extension enhances your online store's performance by displaying a dynamic progress bar on all pages. Customize messages to inform customers of shipping policies, incentivize additional purchases for free shipping, and celebrate their achievements. Boost sales and improve the shopping experience with this extension.

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Shipping Progress Bar
Shipping Progress Bar
Shipping Progress Bar
Shipping Progress Bar


The Magento 2 Shipping Progress Bar extension is a powerful tool designed to boost your store's sales by enhancing the user experience. It accomplishes this by displaying a dynamic shipping progress bar on every page of your online store. Here are some key features of this extension

Customizable Messages: You have the flexibility to customize various messages displayed on the progress bar. Set an initial message through the configuration to inform customers about your shipping policies.

Incentivize with Progress: The extension allows you to set an In Progress message in the configuration. This message is triggered when customers are close to reaching the minimum order amount required for free shipping. It effectively encourages users to add more items to their cart to qualify for this benefit.

Celebrate Achievements: When a customer reaches the eligibility threshold for free shipping, you can display a congratulatory ""Achieved"" message on the progress bar. This not only rewards the customer but also reinforces a positive shopping experience.

By implementing the Shipping Progress Bar extension, you can create a sense of achievement and motivation for your customers, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction on your Magento 2 store.

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  1. Is the progress show on all pages?
    Yes, the Progress bar shows on all pages.
    By MageINIC On September 25, 23 06:21:05 AM
  2. Can we change the progress bar title?
    Yes, you can change the progress bar title from the configuration.
    By MageINIC On September 25, 23 06:22:29 AM
  3. Should we set free shipping minimum order amount before this extension configure?
    Definitely, you need to set the shipping minimum order amount from the free shipping delivery method.
    By MageINIC On September 25, 23 06:23:57 AM

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    Initial first release 01.09.2023


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