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Rating Filter

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Filter Product By Rating extension works on the concept of filtering products based on ratings. Rating filters can appear horizontally or vertically. Filter Product by Rating takes responsibility for sorting the products by the rating which makes the user navigate and filter the products as per the ratings which are given to each product(s).

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Availability of Rating filter at the front end The admin can enable the availability of the rating filter at the front end which helps the customers to choose the desired rating as per which the products has to be filtered.

Improves customers experience on the website As the customers is able to filter the products as per the desired rating they are much satisfied by the shopping experience.

Simple configuration settings at the backend The settings related to the functions of the extension at the backend are very simple to customized.

Rating of the product helps to make customers purchase decision more accurate When customers checks the rating of the product they get more confident about the decision they made to purchase the product.

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  1. What is the purpose of the Filter Product By Rating extension?
    The Rating Filter extension is designed to help users filter products on a website or e-commerce platform based on their ratings. This means users can narrow down their product choices by selecting specific rating criteria, such as 5 stars or higher, to find products that align with their preferences.
    By MageINIC On October 25, 23 10:10:05 AM
  2. How do users access the rating filters on the website?
    Users can typically access the rating filters on a product listing page, either horizontally or vertically displayed. These filters are interactive elements that allow users to select their desired rating range, and the website then updates the product list accordingly.
    By MageINIC On October 25, 23 10:11:31 AM
  3. Can users apply multiple rating filters simultaneously?
    This extension cannot not provide multiple select option.
    By MageINIC On October 25, 23 10:12:19 AM
  4. How does the rating filtering system work?
    The extension works by assigning ratings to products, typically in the form of stars or numerical values. Users can then use the rating filters to specify a particular range or value, and the system will display only the products that meet those criteria. For example, you can filter for products with a minimum rating of 5 stars.
    By MageINIC On October 25, 23 10:13:05 AM

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  • 1.0.0
    Initial first release 01.09.2023


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