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Boost your e-commerce conversion rates with the Magento 2 Quick View extension. Streamline the shopping experience by allowing customers to view product details effortlessly in a pop-up, eliminating the need for time-consuming page loads. They can quickly add items to their carts, improving user satisfaction and overall shopping efficiency. Customize the Quick View link text to suit your preferences, providing a tailored experience for your customers.

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Introducing the Magento 2 Quick View extension, a versatile solution that transforms the online shopping experience. Beyond offering a glimpse of product details, this extension empowers customers to swiftly inspect product information and conveniently add desired items to their carts without leaving the current page. This seamless and user-centric approach saves valuable time and significantly enhances the online shopping journey, ultimately boosting conversion rates for e-commerce stores.

With this extension, customers can quickly view product details in a pop-up, eliminating the need for time-consuming page loads. The condensed product page presents essential attributes such as name, SKU, prices, and descriptions, providing shoppers with comprehensive information at a single glance.

One of the standout features is the Add to Cart button, which eliminates the need for cumbersome actions like opening the product page and then returning to the product list. These steps often deter users during their browsing journey. With Quick View, this challenge is effectively addressed, allowing for instant cart additions directly from the pop-up. This enhancement streamlines the shopping process, greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the extension offers flexibility, allowing administrators to personalize the text on the Quick View link through adaptable backend settings. This feature grants you the freedom to tailor the user experience to your specific needs and branding. Elevate your online store with the Magento 2 Quick View extension and provide customers with a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.

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  1. How does the Quick View functionality work?
    The Quick View feature operates by displaying a condensed product page in a pop-up window when a customer interacts with the Quick View link. This pop-up includes essential product details, making it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Customers can also directly add products to their carts from this pop-up, reducing friction in the buying process.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 06:08:05 AM
  2. In which pages show a Quick View link?
    In the Product list, WishList, Compare, Related, Up-Sell, and Cross-sell sections.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 06:10:02 AM
  3. Can I add to cart product from the quick view popup.
    Yes, You can add products to the cart from the quick-view window.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 06:11:17 AM
  4. Can I set a custom link title?
    Yes, You can set your custom link title from the backend.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 06:12:32 AM


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  • 1.0.0
    Initial first release 01.09.2023


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