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Image Flipper provides effortless configuration through user-friendly settings, allowing you to choose from a variety of captivating flip effects like horizontal, vertical, and rotational flips. This extension seamlessly integrates with your store's theme, ensuring a cohesive design. Plus, it offers customization flexibility, enabling you to define image roles for different products. With Image Flipper, your products will come to life, captivating customers and boosting engagement.

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Image Flipper
Image Flipper
Image Flipper
Image Flipper
Image Flipper
Image Flipper


The Image Flipper extension introduces an innovative way to elevate your product displays with interactive image flips. This extension offers a dynamic and engaging element to your online store by showcasing various flip effects when customers hover over product images.

Effortless Configuration: Setting up the image flip effect is a breeze with this extension's user-friendly backend settings. You can effortlessly customize and select the desired flip effect for your product images, making the setup process hassle-free.

Diverse Flip Effects: With the Magento 2 Image Flipper Extension, you gain access to a wide range of flip effects. Whether it's horizontal flips, vertical flips, rotational flips, or other captivating animations, you have the flexibility to choose the effect that aligns perfectly with your brand's aesthetics.

Seamless Integration: This extension seamlessly integrates with your existing store theme and design. You can easily adjust class names for the product container and image, ensuring a consistent and cohesive look across your entire store.

Customization Flexibility: Whether you're using a custom theme or need specific image roles for your products, this extension offers customization flexibility. You can define your own image roles while editing products, ensuring that the correct images are displayed during the flip effect.

Enhance your product displays and captivate your customers with engaging image flips using the Magento 2 Image Flipper extension.

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  1. What types of flip effects are available with the Image Flipper extension?
    This extension offers a variety of flip effects to choose from. You can opt for horizontal flips, vertical flips, rotational flips, or other captivating animations. The choice is yours, allowing you to align the effects with your brand's style and product presentation.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 05:54:47 AM
  2. How do I configure the image flip effects with this extension?
    Configuring image flip effects is straightforward. Access the user-friendly backend settings provided by the extension. From there, you can easily customize and apply your preferred flip effect to product images.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 05:55:51 AM

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    Initial first release 01.09.2023


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