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Extra Fee

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Extra fees displayed on the cart and checkout pages promote order transparency, with the option to apply these fees based on the chosen payment method. Additionally, you can define order total limits to determine when extra fees should be applied.

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In the e-commerce context, enhancing transparency in the order process is crucial for both customers and store owners. This particular feature ensures just that. Extra fees are effectively and clearly showcased on both the cart and checkout pages, giving customers a comprehensive view of their overall order costs. This transparency is not only beneficial for customer trust but also helps in reducing confusion and potential disputes related to pricing.

Moreover, the system allows for the application of extra fees based on the selected payment method. This is a versatile feature as it acknowledges that different payment methods may incur varying costs or fees, and it enables the store owner to customize this aspect. For example, certain payment gateways might impose transaction fees, and this feature allows the store to pass these fees on to the customer in a transparent manner.

Additionally, the flexibility of setting order total limits for applying extra fees is a useful administrative tool. This means that the store owner can decide under what conditions these extra fees will be applied. For instance, if there are specific thresholds of order total amounts that warrant additional charges, these can be configured in the system. This provides control over when the fees come into play, ensuring they align with business strategies and customer expectations.

In summary, this feature contributes to a more transparent and adaptable online shopping experience by displaying extra fees, tying them to chosen payment methods, and allowing customization through order total limits. It's a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to streamline their pricing structure while maintaining customer trust.

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    • 1.0.0
      Initial first release 01.09.2023


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