Discount Filter

Discount Filter

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  • Improve the Layered Navigation with filtering products by discount.
  • The module counts percentage and amount of discounts.
  • Use discount percentage range to filter products by the discount.
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This extension is essential for your store because customers always prefer special offers and reduced prices. Discounted prices for a product have a special effect on the customers and they like to buy products from a store that has given special discounts. You can lose a lot of customers if you don’t have products on sale prices and they can move to a competitor’s store. If you are losing customers and you don’t know the exact reason for it then maybe you need to consider this extension. Your competitors may have a filter by discount on their Layered Navigation menu. This extension allows merchants to quickly add discounts to the products and make it easier for customers to search for them. Rest assured, this extension will increase the conversion rates of your websites by making it easier for the customers to filter by discount percentage. They don’t need to go through all of the products to search for reduced prices. This filtering saves time and improves the shopping experience. Hence, boosting the sales of your store.

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Change Log

  • 1.0.0
    Initial first release 01.09.2023


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