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Buy Now extension streamlines the shopping process by offering a convenient "Buy Now" button. This feature allows customers to make quick purchases with a single click, directing them straight to the checkout page. Admins have the flexibility to enable or disable this functionality, customize the button label, and specify where it appears on the website. Enhance your customers' shopping experience and drive conversions with this user-friendly extension.

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Buy Now extension a powerful tool designed to revolutionize the online shopping experience. With the "Buy Now" button prominently featured, customers can swiftly proceed to checkout, eliminating unnecessary steps and enhancing their shopping experience. Admins have full control, with options to enable or disable this feature, customize button labels, and decide where the button appears, ensuring a tailored shopping journey for your online store. This seamless and user-centric approach significantly saves time and contributes to an enhanced online shopping experience, ultimately boosting conversion rates for e-commerce stores.

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  1. Can the store admin control the functionality of this extension?
    Yes, the store admin has full control over the extension's functionality. They can easily enable or disable it according to their preferences. This flexibility allows the admin to decide when and where the "Buy Now" button is available to customers.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 05:08:52 AM
  2. In which pages show Buy Now button?
    In Product detail, Product list, Wishlist, Compare, Related, Up-sell, and Cross-sell section.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 05:22:05 AM
  3. Can I enable disable button on particular page only.
    Yes, You can enable the disable button for a particular page from admin.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 05:23:18 AM
  4. Is it possible to customize the label on the "Buy Now" button?
    Absolutely. The website admin can customize the label displayed on the "Buy Now" button to align it with their store's branding and the shopping experience they wish to offer to customers.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 05:39:34 AM
  5. What happens when a user clicks the "Buy Now" button?
    When a user clicks the "Buy Now" button, they are immediately redirected to the checkout page. This enables them to complete their purchase quickly and efficiently, reducing the steps involved in the buying process.
    By MageINIC On September 22, 23 05:42:47 AM


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  • 1.0.0
    Initial first release 01.09.2023


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